Our Team

Our Team

Richard Homburg

Chairman and CEO

Dr. Richard Homburg is a seasoned real estate businessman with over 45 years of experience in the industry. His vision, business development knowledge and strategic planning has built the world-renowned Halifax based Homburg Group of Companies.

Starting in 1969, Richard has gone on to develop successful international multi-billion dollar real estate company’s involved in various ventures from new property development and construction to real estate finance and asset management, consulting services and property management. Away from Real Estate the group additionally has interests in tourism/resort operations, aviation, manufacturing and industrial, retail as well as a number of charitable endeavours world-wide.

Richard is a highly respected leader in international real estate markets as well as being an experienced entrepreneur and savvy businessman. His perseverance and depth of knowledge has led him to such achievements as fetching the highest return on investment of any Real Estate Investment Trust in Canadian history.